About those Bread Crumbs…


I’m a 30yr old little girl based in London since 2009 and prior to that I lived in Madrid, Paris and Normandy. Looking for the next stop!?
Much like Hansel and Gretel, I tend to leave a trail of bread crumbs behind, whether it’s to find a way back home or more due to my unconditional love for sourdough baking …I’m not exactly sure?!

This blog started with emails: emails from mates asking for advice on whether to go to Myanmar or Chile for their honey moon? Emails from girlfriends asking for ideas to organise a romantic city-break in May?  And me, pestering my Facebook contacts for recommendations on where to eat the best cheese cake in New York; or if my Italian friend could ask her mom for her perfect focaccia recipe. Not even counting the (slightly obsessive) emails to my favourite partner in crime with detailed itineraries and endless to-do lists and google maps travel itineraries (thanks for putting up with that).

So one day I realised that instead of storing excel files with street food addresses in Istanbul, I could have a blog, and take the sharing to the next level. Generation 2.0, oh yah?! I’m still quite new to this but hopefully I will manage to retain the friendly letter tone, and maybe even improve my photos.

So thanks you for passing by, please say hello, I’d love to hear from you.

chile torres del paine
Torres del Paine, Chile, 2011



5 thoughts on “About those Bread Crumbs…”

  1. hi 🙂 thanks for dropping by my blog and taking the time to leave a comment, appreciated 🙂
    with regards the technicals on the images of Milans Galeria..
    yes, they were shot with either of two wide angle lenses,..
    Canon L series 17-40mm F4.0, or the Tamron SP 24-70mm F2.8, mounted on a full frame body.
    Some of the images were shot hand held, others were shot off a small table top type tripod, with an adjustable head taken off my larger tripod, no larger than 200mm high when completely open. Not ideal, but much easier to carry around while travelling. Spot metering was used, widest angle was 17mm, others were shot at 24mm.
    17mm images – ISO 400, F 8.0, 1:50th of sec
    24mm images = ISO 400 F 4.0, 1:20th of sec
    Hope that answers your questions, feel free to ask if you have any others..:-)
    Have to say I’m very envious of you visiting in mid summer, certainly a lot warmer than winter last year…:-)


    1. Thanks so much for the answer!! I’ll try and adapt that to my own gear, and to the summer conditions – indeed it’s currently 35 degrees, ooops! I want to try a gallery shot, a duomo rooftop shot and a long aperture one, somewhere with a lot of passer-by, haven’t decided yet where and to some extend it will also depend on the tripod I get to take. Thanks a lot for your comment, I always find it very helpful to see what other people do and take inspirations but not so many are ready to share the nitty-gritty behind the scene.
      Thanks for visiting the blog too


  2. I’m afraid I dont fit your age profile being 50 something! But I am very young at heart…so I will follow you on your adventures to pick up some tips; meanwhile we are living out East and doing lots of travelling…


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